Zona’s Razor Saws for woodworkers, modeler builders, luthiers, craftspeople, and do-it-yourselfers have polished wooden handles, steel backs and sharp blades for making straight, accurate cuts with smooth edges in wood, plastic and metal. Our Razor Saws are 100% made in USA in our Connecticut factory. They are very reasonably priced and are among the most recommended razor saws you can buy – anywhere.

Zona’s miter boxes come in metal and plastic and work with different size razor saws for cutting square ends, perfect splices and mitered corners. Our two thin slot miter boxes – 35-250 and 37-240 are also made in USA.

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James Brook wrote in the Dec. 2014 issue of Australian Wood Review that the the Zona 35-241 Miter Box and Saw Set is …”very accurate for mitres and splicing.” and stated “Overall, this is faster than setting up a power mitre saw, and much safer.” View or download the the full review.

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