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Expert Opinions on Zona® Razor Saws

James Brook wrote in the Dec. 2014 issue of Australian Wood Review that the the Zona 35-241 Miter Box and Saw Set is …”very accurate for mitres and splicing.” and stated “Overall, this is faster than setting up a power mitre saw, and much safer.” View or download the the full review. Anissa Kapsales, Associate Editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine, Winter 2009/10 # 209 Issue wrote, “Dirt-cheap dovetail saw cuts like a champ There are lots of great high-end dovetail saws, both Western style and Japanese, that cost from $40 to well over $100. But I’ve found a cheap saw that cuts dovetails as well as any expensive saw I’ve used… It cuts on the pull stroke, has 32 teeth per inch, and produces a super-thin kerf (0.010 in.)…” Christopher Schwarz wrote about Zona’s 35-560 & 35-050 Razor Saws in Woodworking Magazine’s June 2007 issue: “They looked like saws for model makers – people who need to cut little balsa parts…But the saws are excellent to have on hand (at this price, why not?) for detail work. Need to cut stringing or inlay banding? These saws will do the job. Trim a dowel. Define the limits of a hinge mortise. Rip or crosscut wedges before driving them into a joint. The surface finish left behind is so clean that it shone like it had been planed. And when used in white oak (a difficult ring-porous wood for fine saws) the saws excelled. They both severed the surface fibers cleanly with no tearing whatsoever. So sometimes you do get more than what you pay for.” In his May 11, 2009 Lost Art Press Blog Mr. Schwartz wrote,
“All I know is that they can take away my Zona Razor Saw from my cold, dead hands. Or they can take it when it’s kinked – whichever comes first.”

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37-948 3M Microfinishing Papers

Screen Shot 2018 05 22 at 3.42.00 PM - 37-948 3M Microfinishing Papers  37-948 3M Microfinishing Papers - uncategorized

Hobbyists and makers love these super flexible non-woven fine abrasives that work wet or dry, on flat or curved surfaces and can be cut into strips for Sanding Sticks or make bands for Finger Sanders.
Zona 37-948 Microfinishing Papers can Polish or Smooth:
• scratches on a drone, RC car, boat or plane
• model railroad parts
• frets on a guitar
• the axle of a Pinewood Derby car
• jewelry and beading projects
• miniature and delicate projects
• plastics, polyurethane, precious metal clay, polymer clay, wood, solid surface composites, metal and alloys
• restore transparency to acrylic and polycarbonate
• made in USA
The 37-948 pack includes six 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets. Color coded for easy selection– from finest to coarsest by Micron / Color / Abrasive: 1 / white / Aluminum Oxide, 2 / aqua /Aluminum Oxide, 3 / pink /Aluminum Oxide, 9 / light blue /Aluminum Oxide, 15 / gray/ Silicon Carbide, 30 / green / Silicon Carbide. For best results, work in sequence from coarsest to finest grade (1-30). Zona® also offers 10-packs of each grit.

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Zona® 3” Triangle 37-433 and 3” x 4” L-Square 37-434

triangle L square - Zona® 3” Triangle 37-433 and 3” x 4” L-Square 37-434  Zona® 3” Triangle 37-433 and 3” x 4” L-Square 37-434 - uncategorized

Zona is most well known for our USA-made Razor Saws. The Zona® 3” Triangle 37-433 and 3” x 4” L-Square 37-434 are small, precise measuring tools which are also made in Connecticut. They are lightweight, portable and a perfect size for working tight spaces or small projects. Triangle and L-Square are made from .022” thick stainless steel with 3/32” measuring intervals and metric equivalents on the back. Both are prized by scratch builders, kit bashers, model railroaders, scrap bookers, jewelry makers, designers, luthiers (makers of stringed instruments), students, educators, do it yourselfers (DIY), dollhouse and miniature builders. They are also useful for scientific and architectural drafting projects. Made in USA.