There are times when a fine set of drill bits are very handy, and when it comes to fine bits, they don’t get much finer than these sets from Zona Tool. Whether you are model making, making jewelry, working with wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, even stone, these miniature twist drill bits can drill incredibly tiny holes. How fine? How about 0.3mm to 1mm in 0.05mm steps (then from 1 to 1.5mm in 0.1mm steps)? 0.3mm, or 300µm. All are competitively priced. They are available in metric and imperial, and as diamond coated bits, which is why glass, stone, ceramic can also be drilled with precision.

Of course you won’t be mounting these bits in a standard power drill. There are bit holders or drivers, Hand Drills and Pin Vises from Zona as well. One is double ended for larger and smaller bits, the other is a twist-drive, which can hold the finest bits. Other choices include wooden handled tool holders and steel pin vises which can also be used in stationary drill press chucks. Some Zona hand drills can hold bits and accessories with shanks as large as 3/32″ or 2.35 mm, plus, burs reamers, taps needles, gravers and needles.

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