Zona’s Razor Saw line for woodworkers, modeler builders, luthiers, craftspeople, and do-it-yourselfers have polished wooden handles, steel backs and sharp blades for making straight, accurate cuts with smooth edges in wood, plastic, balsa, Styrofoam and soft metal. Our Razor Saws are 100% made in the USA in our Connecticut factory. They are very reasonably priced and are among the most recommended razor saws you can buy – anywhere.

We carry 14 different of Razor Saws and sets for a range of cutting from super fine to dovetail cuts to give you the chance to tackle projects however you see fit. For instance our Saber Saw Set has 3 removable blades, each with numerous applications. And our Ultra Thin Kerf Razor has a .008in kerf which is the thinnest we have available. All of our razor saws are specifically crafted to exceed your expectations and thrive on a wide range of different projects. No matter your hobby or profession, one (or more) of our razor saws would make a worthy addition to your toolbox.