A good jewelers saw is used to cut very thin, soft metal sheets and rods or wire. Zona’s jewelers saws have wooden handles attached to a D-shaped frame with a saw blade strung between the tips of the frame forming the D. When choosing a saw consider the depth it will need to cut out shapes. Here we have 2-7/8″, 3″ and 5″ depths. The frame adjusts for a shorter length blade – so if you break a blade – the frame can be made shorter to continue using that same blade plus, a shorter blade span may make the blade less likely to break. To secure the blade in the saw, slide the flat end of the saw blade in between the frame and the flat pieces of metal at either ends and tighten the finger screws until the blade is secured and can’t slip out. The tension on the blade is achieved by pushing the ends of the frame together, tightening down the finger screw on the other end of the blade and then release the tension, making sure the blade is not slipping at either end. If the blade starts flexing backwards toward the bow of the saw it may need tightening, or you may be pushing too hard. To use a jewelers saw for piercing, drill a tiny hole in the center of a cutout, loosen the top blade screw on the saw, thread the work item onto the saw blade, tension the saw and tighten the blade again and then cut out the shape. A jewelers saw is fairly simple, but it takes practice to master. The blades are very delicate and fragile, but they can cut materials as no other blade can.

Be sure to have a good supply and assortment of blades for your projects. Zona offers high quality German-made jewelers saw blades. Zona also has unique, American-made sanding and filing accessories: Scroll Saw Files which are steel coated with silicon carbide abrasive and Scroll Sanders sandpaper strips, both can be used in a jewelers saw and can sand and smooth wood, plastic, metal, and composites.

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