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38-700 Zona Hobby Tool Kit

Tools for Every Trade

Whether you are seeking new hobby tools, miter boxes or jewelers saws – Zona Tools has got you covered. We have everything you need to get your project done in minimal time, with clean and precise cuts every time.  Zona Tools has the perfect tools and accessories to add to your collection. Hobby Tools Are […]

coping saw saws - Razor Saws and Coping Saws are Great for Woodworking and Hobbyists  Razor Saws and Coping Saws are Great for Woodworking and Hobbyists - woodworking, hobby-tools

Razor Saws and Coping Saws are Great for Woodworking and Hobbyists

Saws are important for everything from DIY projects to woodworking and construction jobs. Here at Zona Tools, we specialize in razor saws and coping saw blades which are made right here in the USA. They are made with quality woods and metals, to ensure that you are getting a tool to last for years. Our […]

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Hand Tools and Hobby Tools

Hand tools are a great addition to any tool box. The tools from Zona tools are made from high quality materials that make any woodcutting or hobby much easier. If you are a jeweler, our hobby tools are ideal for cutting small and precise pieces. Our small saws will be able to cut through soft […]

Replacement Blades for Saw Sets

Zona Razor Saws and Jewelers Blades That Every Hobbyist Should Own

Zona Tools sells every type of small tools and hardware tools that you would need for a project. Wood workers and hobbyists can both enjoy the versatility of the tools and long lasting materials. Some of the common saws that are great for woodworkers are that zona razor saws. The small yet sharp blade are […]

Finding the Perfect Hobby or Small Hand Tools

For great hobby tools, they are often difficult to find in traditional home improvement stores like Lowes. Finding a smaller hobby tool store will often give you better options, since they mainly specialize in just tools. Here at Zona Tools, we know all things about tools – from hobby tools to small hand tools. We […]

Shape Almost Any Material with Zona® Diamond Needle Files

  Zona Diamond Needle Files provide aggressive, precise shaping for any hobby on glass, metal, ceramics, marble, wood, plastics, stone, bone, polymer clay etc. Each set has 5 files. • Zona’s Flat Shape Diamond File Set 37-354 has these profiles: Triangle Taper, Flat Taper, Flat, Knife Taper, and Oval Taper in a sturdy reusable plastic […]