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Tools for Every Trade

38-700 Zona Hobby Tool Kit

Whether you are seeking new hobby tools, miter boxes or jewelers saws – Zona Tools has got you covered. We have everything you need to get your project done in minimal time, with clean and precise cuts every time.  Zona Tools has the perfect tools and accessories to add to your collection.

Hobby Tools

Are you in search of new hobby tools?  Whatever your hobby is – from constructing model kits to woodworking – you will always find a Zona hobby tool to fit your needs.

Jewelers Saws

For a fundamental tool for jewelry making, a jeweler’s saw is the number one tool that you need. A jeweler’s saw will help to meet your needs of sawing metal for jewelry. Since there are so many jeweler frames offered out there, it is important to find the ones right for you. Many jewelers will own several different saws and many different blades because each saw has their own unique capabilities. Zona’s selection of jeweler’s saw blades varies in width, teeth per inch, blade thickness, etc. Whatever saw you choose, we guarantee the cuts will be easier and smoother with a Zona Tools saw.

Miter Boxes

For flawless cuts every time use a miter box. It allows for cuts on angles and has many qualities that electric saws just don’t possess. A miter box is a much more affordable solution to the electric saw and delivers better results. You can make 90 and 45-degree angle cuts, and with basic models as low as $12 miter boxes are a great addition to any woodworking kit. Both woodworkers and carpenters have been using the miter box for years. You can use both the miter box and your favorite saw together to get the most accurate cuts possible.

If you are looking for great tools at a low cost then look no further than Zona Tools. From lasting products to tools with blades that stay sharper for longer, you can trust us to help you get the job done! Contact Zona Tools today for reliable tools and accessories to add to your collection.


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Razor Saws and Coping Saws are Great for Woodworking and Hobbyists

Saws are important for everything from DIY projects to woodworking and construction jobs. Here at Zona Tools, we specialize in razor saws and coping saw blades which are made right here in the USA. They are made with quality woods and metals, to ensure that you are getting a tool to last for years. Our tools are a top seller of among many tradesmen and hobbyists alike.

The Razor saws at Zona Tools are among the most reasonably priced saws that you will find. From ultra fine razor saws to saws with less teeth per inch, you can find the perfect razor suitable for your project. We also sell replacement blades for saw sets, to make sure that your saw always has the sharpest blade possible.

If you are a hobbyist, our razor saws can also work well with small parts and straight cuts. Whether you are assembling a model car or constructing a wooden project, the razor saw will make accurate, smooth cuts every time.

We also sell coping saws and coping saw blades, which can precisely cut through plastics, soft metals and wood. These coping saw frames allow you to pivot the blade 360 degrees to saw in any direction. For a choice of coping saws at a reasonable and affordable price, Zona Tools is your go-to hobby shop.

So if you are interested in razor saws, coping saws or any other type of hobby tool – contact Zona Tools today. We can help you to find the perfect tool for your project. We have the perfect hand tools that are lightweight but can also make sharp cuts like a heavy tool.

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Hand Tools and Hobby Tools

Hand tools are a great addition to any tool box. The tools from Zona tools are made from high quality materials that make any woodcutting or hobby much easier. If you are a jeweler, our hobby tools are ideal for cutting small and precise pieces. Our small saws will be able to cut through soft metals, wood and plastics, giving you the perfect cut for your jewelry or hobby kit.

Hobby tools are great for cutting small plastic parts and making tiny cuts into a hobby kit. If you are assembling a model plane, for example, our razor saws have the perfect sharp edge to get the job done. Many other saws are too big for projects like these. Some saws are small enough but don’t have as many teeth and therefore, are not sharp enough. The saws from Zona Tools have many small teeth on the blade to make a sharp cut without having to make multiple cuts with a traditional saw.

Zona Hand Tools

Make your creative ideas come to live with Zona Tools blades and accessories. The amount that you can create is unlimited, and with great tools – your projects can be extraordinary! The jewelers saw has a comfortable handle and an adjustable frame to get as close as you need to for accurate sawing. Our other hand tools such as the hand saws and blades are perfect for woodworking and model building. These are also ideal for diy projects because they have sharp blades with wooden handles, which can give smooth edges to any material. They are perfect for cutting wood, metal and plastic. If you run out of blades, we also sell quality replacement blades for saw sets. These are perfect for gifts, or to have in bulk. They make ideal presents for anyone in the family. They are useful for many household projects and come in handy to have in your toolbox.

So if you would like the perfect multi-tasking tools that last forever, contact Zona Tools today! Your satisfaction is Zona Tool’s top priority, and they are always there for their customers. You can buy quality saws, blades and hobby tools and hand tools for any project that you are working on. They are ideal for hobbyists, jewelers and woodworkers.

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Zona Razor Saws and Jewelers Blades That Every Hobbyist Should Own

Replacement Blades for Saw Sets

Zona Tools sells every type of small tools and hardware tools that you would need for a project. Wood workers and hobbyists can both enjoy the versatility of the tools and long lasting materials.

Some of the common saws that are great for woodworkers are that zona razor saws. The small yet sharp blade are 100% made in the U.S. They come in a compact size with a comfortable wooden grip – making cutting easier. They are also at a price that anyone can afford, and make straight cuts with smooth edges. For a saw that offers this much, why would you buy any other saw?

A great tool for hobbyists are the jeweler’s blades and saws. These saws can use the fret, scroll or jewelers blades in any size. This give the hobbyist many options as it can be used to cut many materials, especially plastic and metal. They can be used with a plain end scroll sander or a plain end scroll saw file. The blades on the saws have fine teeth, which are great for cutting small pieces of jewelry and metals.

Some of the tools that make great gifts are hand and hobby tools. Some of the hand tools that we sell are hand saws and blades, mini hammers, tweezers and pliers, hobby knives, lubricant, spoke shave and needle files and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about hobby and woodworking tools, then Contact us today. We can help you find the perfect tool to add to your collection at a reasonable price. From small to larger tools, you can find the right tool perfect for your hobby. Whether you are a jeweler, assembling a hobby kit or cutting wood or metals – we can find the appropriate tool for your type of work.

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Finding the Perfect Hobby or Small Hand Tools

For great hobby tools, they are often difficult to find in traditional home improvement stores like Lowes. Finding a smaller hobby tool store will often give you better options, since they mainly specialize in just tools. Here at Zona Tools, we know all things about tools – from hobby tools to small hand tools.

37-434 L-square Ruler 3" x 4"We have a big selection of hobby knives and accessories, that are perfect to get any DIY project done. From wood carvings to jewelry making, it’s the perfect selection of knives to make a job quicker with more accurate cuts. Our hobby tools include:

Tweezers and Pliers

We also have a large set of small hand tools. These hand tools are ideal for woodworking for the experienced or the beginner. Our basic tools are designed to cater to many skill levels and well as different hobbies. Some of the small hand tools that we offer are:

So, if you would like a portable- sized hobby tool that is lightweight, yet versatile – then contact Zona Tools today. We provide the quality tools that allow you to get the job done right the first time. After years of being in the hobby tool business, we know which tools are the best to complete the job!

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Shape Almost Any Material with Zona® Diamond Needle Files

Flat Shape Diamond Needle File SetFine Point Diamond Needle File Set
Zona Diamond Needle Files provide aggressive, precise shaping for any hobby on glass, metal, ceramics, marble, wood, plastics, stone, bone, polymer clay etc. Each set has 5 files.
• Zona’s Flat Shape Diamond File Set 37-354 has these profiles: Triangle Taper, Flat Taper, Flat, Knife Taper, and Oval Taper in a sturdy reusable plastic case.
• Fine Point Diamond File Set 37-352 has smaller shapes: Round Taper, Triangle Taper, Square Taper, Larger Round Taper, and 1/2 Round Taper also in a sturdy reusable plastic case.
Diamond Files are made by electroplating diamond on to steel blanks. They cut in all directions, on both push and pull stroke, and with sawing, twisting or circular motion which is an advantage over steel files which only cut in one direction.
Not only do these files shape and finish, they can also enlarge holes in beads, file edges of ceramic or porcelain, work on inside edges of miniature or intricate projects, smooth the ends of wires or scratches and marks, puncture or engrave many materials, sharpen small tools and objects, bevel glass edges, shape mosaic tiles, and remove excess solder.
Hobbyists, craftspeople, tinkerers and artisans including miniature makers, model builders, jewelry and polymer clay artists, luthiers and other musical instrument makers will find these very useful.