12-packs of 5in. long premium quality Metal Piercing Jewelers Saw Blades have extremely fine teeth. Made of hardened and tempered steel for sawing metal and other hardened materials, all blades are 5in. long and have regular teeth. These blades are most commonly used by jewelers. Use with hand held frames only.

Choose the blade that best suits the thickness or gauge of the material being cut. The blue and white chart has recommendations. The ideal ratio is 3 teeth on the materials at any time. A B & S gauge can measure the thickness if you are not sure.

SKUs: 36-475 #3/0 – 36-476 #2/0 – 36-478 #0 – 36-479 #1 – 36-480 #2 – 36-481 #3 – 36-482 #4

A good jewelers saw is a must have if you are cutting thin, soft sheets and rods of metal or wire. Jewelers saws have wooden handles attached to a D-shaped frame with a saw blade is strung between the tips of the frame forming the D. To secure the blade in the saw, slide the flat end of the saw blade in between the frame and the flat pieces of metal at either ends. You then tighten the finger screws until the blade is secured and can’t slip out. The tension on the blade is achieved by pushing the ends of the frame together, tightening down the finger screw on the other end of the blade and then release the tension, making sure the blade is not slipping at either end. If the blade starts flexing backwards toward the bow of the saw it may need to be tighter, or you may be pushing the saw instead of letting it work. To use a jewelers saw for piercing, drill a tiny hole in the center of a cutout, loosen the top blade screw on the saw, thread the work item onto the saw blade, tension the saw and tighten the blade again and then cut out the shape. A jewelers saw is very useful and fairly simple, but it takes practice to master. The blades are very delicate and fragile but they can cut materials that no other blade can.