Zona Spinner Rack packed with 60 different Zona hobby tools & sets (a total of 140 tools and – a total retail value of $1280.00) Buy the tools and the rack is FREE! Zona’s spinner rack is a complete
hobby tool center stocked with a full selection of tools for hobby, craft and assembly projects.

The rack stands 6’3″ in height and the base has a 20″ diameter. Easy and complete instructions for assembling it are included and the products are packed according to which tier they hang on. Each tier rotates independently. Special shipping costs apply, call for details.

  • 37-320 Spoke Shave 2/each
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The Spinner Rack organizes and displays 60 different Zona hobby tools.
Buy the tools and the rack is FREE!

  • Tier 1
    35-050 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–52 TPI 2/each
    35-140 4-in-1 Saw Set 2/each
    35-200 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–32 TPI 2/each
    35-241 Thin Slot Miter/Fine Kerf Saw 2/each
    35-400 Flush Cut Razor Saw 2/each
    35-251 Mini Miter /Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw 2/each
    35-500 Fine Kerf Razor Saw–32 TPI 2/each
    35-550 Fine Kerf Razor Saw–42 TPI 2/each
    36-676 Coping Saw Blades–24 TPI–4-pk 4/each
    35-670 Coping Saw Frame 2/each
    36-678 Coping Saw Blades–15 TPI–4-pk 4/each
    35-560 Deluxe Fine Kerf Razor Saw–24 TPI 2/each
  • Tier 2
    35-350 Thick Kerf Woodcraft Saw–14 TPI 2/each
    35-150 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–42 TPI 2/each
    35-250 Mini Miter Box 2/each
    37-240 Thin Slot Miter Box 2/each
    35-300 Woodcraft Saw–24 TPI 2/each
    35-450 Saber Saw Set 2/each35-600 Mini Hack Saw Frame 2/each
    36-657 Mini/Jr. Hack Saw Blades–32 TPI 4/each
    35-650 Deluxe Junior hack Saw Frame 2/each
    36-656 Mini/Jr. Hack Saw Blades–15 TPI 4/each
    35-260 Wide Slot Miter Box 2/each
    37-948 3M Polishing Paper Assortment 2/each
  • Tier 3
    37-120 Revolving Tool Holder 2/each
    37-130 Tool Holder 2/each
    37-140 Swivel Head Pin Vise 2/each
    37-145 Double Ended Pin Vise 2/each
    37-160 Spiral Hand Drill 2/each
    37-150 High Speed Twist Drill Set–20-pc 2/each
    37-320 Spoke Shave 2/each
    37-323 Spoke Shave Blades 2-pk 2/each
    37-434 L-Square 3/each
    37-433 3″ Triangle 3/each
    39-921 No. 11 Hobby Blades –5-pk 4/each
    39-925 Micro Saw Blades–32 TPI –5-pk 4/each
  • Tier 4
    36-105 Precision Oiler 3/each
    36-100 Empty Precision Lube Dispenser 2/each
    37-354 Flat Shape Diamond File Set of 5 2/each
    37-341 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 2/each
    37-344 Flat Nose Pliers 2/each
    37-540 Set of 5 Tweezers 2/each
    37-549 Cross Locking Tweezers 2/each
    37-542 Fine Point Tweezers 2/each
    37-548 Curved/Fine Point Tweezers 2/each
    39-920 Hobby Knife & 5 Assorted Blades 3/each
    39-850 Retractable Hobby Knife & 6 Blades 3/each
    37-210 Plastic Mini Vise + Stainless Steel Screw 2/each
  • Tier 5
    36-475 Jewelers Saw Blades 48 TPI– 12-pk 4/each
    35-750 Adjustable Jewelers Saw Frame 2/each
    36-480 Jewelers Saw Blades 43 TPI –12-pk 4/each
    37-750 1″ Wide Sanding Stick 2/each
    37-762 Assorted Refill Paper for 37-750 2/each
    37-794 Finger Sander Set & Refills 2/each
    37-793 3/4″ Finger Sander Refill Bands 3/each
    37-796 1-1⁄2″ Finger Sander Refill Bands 3/each
    37-230 C-Clamp Set of 2 2/each
    37-109 Mini Ball Peen Hammer 2/each
    36-520 1/4″ wide ScrollSander Asst.–4-pk 2/each
    36-530 1/2″ wide ScrollSander Asst.–4-pk 2/each

Special shipping costs apply, call for details.


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