35-125 Zona Spinner Rack


Zona Spinner Rack packed with 60 different Zona hobby tools & sets (a total of 140 tools and – a savings over total retail value!) Buy the tools and the rack is FREE! Zona’s spinner rack is a complete
hobby tool center stocked with a full selection of tools for hobby, craft and assembly projects.

The rack stands 6’3″ in height and the base has a 20″ diameter. Easy and complete instructions for assembling it are included and the products are packed according to which tier they hang on. Each tier rotates independently. If you have a store and want further information email us: at customerservice@blackstoneind.com Special shipping costs apply, call for details.


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The Spinner Rack organizes and displays 60 different Zona hobby tools.
Buy the tools and the rack is FREE!

  • Tier 1
    35-050 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–52 TPI 2/each
    35-140 4-in-1 Saw Set 2/each
    35-200 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–32 TPI 2/each
    35-241 Thin Slot Miter/Fine Kerf Saw 2/each
    35-400 Flush Cut Razor Saw 2/each
    35-251 Mini Miter /Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw 2/each
    35-500 Fine Kerf Razor Saw–32 TPI 2/each
    35-550 Fine Kerf Razor Saw–42 TPI 2/each
    36-676 Coping Saw Blades–24 TPI–4-pk 4/each
    35-670 Coping Saw Frame 2/each
    36-678 Coping Saw Blades–15 TPI–4-pk 4/each
    35-560 Deluxe Fine Kerf Razor Saw–24 TPI 2/each
  • Tier 2
    35-350 Thick Kerf Woodcraft Saw–14 TPI 2/each
    35-150 Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw–42 TPI 2/each
    35-250 Mini Miter Box 2/each
    37-240 Thin Slot Miter Box 2/each
    35-300 Woodcraft Saw–24 TPI 2/each
    35-450 Saber Saw Set 2/each35-600 Mini Hack Saw Frame 2/each
    36-657 Mini/Jr. Hack Saw Blades–32 TPI 4/each
    35-650 Deluxe Junior hack Saw Frame 2/each
    36-656 Mini/Jr. Hack Saw Blades–15 TPI 4/each
    35-260 Wide Slot Miter Box 2/each
    37-948 3M Polishing Paper Assortment 2/each
  • Tier 3
    37-120 Revolving Tool Holder 2/each
    37-130 Tool Holder 2/each
    37-140 Swivel Head Pin Vise 2/each
    37-145 Double Ended Pin Vise 2/each
    37-160 Spiral Hand Drill 2/each
    37-150 High Speed Twist Drill Set–20-pc 2/each
    37-320 Spoke Shave 2/each
    37-323 Spoke Shave Blades 2-pk 2/each
    37-434 L-Square 3/each
    37-433 3″ Triangle 3/each
    39-921 No. 11 Hobby Blades –5-pk 4/each
    39-925 Micro Saw Blades–32 TPI –5-pk 4/each
  • Tier 4
    36-105 Precision Oiler 3/each
    36-100 Empty Precision Lube Dispenser 2/each
    37-354 Flat Shape Diamond File Set of 5 2/each
    37-341 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 2/each
    37-344 Flat Nose Pliers 2/each
    37-540 Set of 5 Tweezers 2/each
    37-549 Cross Locking Tweezers 2/each
    37-542 Fine Point Tweezers 2/each
    37-548 Curved/Fine Point Tweezers 2/each
    39-920 Hobby Knife & 5 Assorted Blades 3/each
    39-850 Retractable Hobby Knife & 6 Blades 3/each
    37-210 Plastic Mini Vise + Stainless Steel Screw 2/each
  • Tier 5
    36-475 Jewelers Saw Blades 48 TPI– 12-pk 4/each
    35-750 Adjustable Jewelers Saw Frame 2/each
    36-480 Jewelers Saw Blades 43 TPI –12-pk 4/each
    37-750 1″ Wide Sanding Stick 2/each
    37-762 Assorted Refill Paper for 37-750 2/each
    37-794 Finger Sander Set & Refills 2/each
    37-793 3/4″ Finger Sander Refill Bands 3/each
    37-796 1-1⁄2″ Finger Sander Refill Bands 3/each
    37-230 C-Clamp Set of 2 2/each
    37-109 Mini Ball Peen Hammer 2/each
    36-520 1/4″ wide ScrollSander Asst.–4-pk 2/each
    36-530 1/2″ wide ScrollSander Asst.–4-pk 2/each

Special shipping costs apply, call for details.


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