35-991 Zona Saw Planogram


The 35-991 Saw Planogram includes 2 of each of Zona’s most popular Razor Saws, Miter Boxes and Sets. You get a head start and a terrific way to keep an eye on and set up inventory levels in your store. It uses space effectively and helps customers access  a wide range of tools that are useful for so many hobbies and crafts.

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The 35-991 Saw Planogram includes 2 of each of Zona’s most popular products.

Razor Saws, Miter Boxes and Sets

  • Top Row:
    35-500 Fine Razor Saw, 32 TPI, .010″ Kerf
    35-300 Medium Woodcraft Saw, 24 TPI, .015″ Kerf
    35-251 Ultra Thin Saw 35-200 with Plastic Mini Miter Box
    35-400 Medium Flush Cut Saw, 16 TPI, .012″ Kerf
    35-560 Deluxe Fine Razor Saw, 24 TPI, .010″ Kerf
  • Row 2:
    35-140 4-in-1 Saw Set with blades: 36-555, 36-050, 36-458, 36-408
    35-241 Fine Kerf Saw 35-550 with Aluminum Thin Slot Miter Box
    35-450 Saber Saw Set with blades: 36-458, 36-408, 36-406
    35-380 Thick Kerf Dovetail Saw, 18 TPI, .020″ Kerf
  • Row 3:
    35-260 Aluminum Wide Slot Miter Box, Slot Size .031″
    35-050 Ultra Thin Razor Saw, 52 TPI, .008″ Kerf
    35-250 Plastic Mini Miter Box, Slot Size .012″



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