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Expert Opinions on Zona® Razor Saws

James Brook wrote in the Dec. 2014 issue of Australian Wood Review that the the Zona 35-241 Miter Box and Saw Set is …”very accurate for mitres and splicing.” and stated “Overall, this is faster than setting up a power mitre saw, and much safer.” View or download the the full review. Anissa Kapsales, Associate Editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine, Winter 2009/10 # 209 Issue wrote, “Dirt-cheap dovetail saw cuts like a champ There are lots of great high-end dovetail saws, both Western style and Japanese, that cost from $40 to well over $100. But I’ve found a cheap saw that cuts dovetails as well as any expensive saw I’ve used… It cuts on the pull stroke, has 32 teeth per inch, and produces a super-thin kerf (0.010 in.)…” Christopher Schwarz wrote about Zona’s 35-560 & 35-050 Razor Saws in Woodworking Magazine’s June 2007 issue: “They looked like saws for model makers – people who need to cut little balsa parts…But the saws are excellent to have on hand (at this price, why not?) for detail work. Need to cut stringing or inlay banding? These saws will do the job. Trim a dowel. Define the limits of a hinge mortise. Rip or crosscut wedges before driving them into a joint. The surface finish left behind is so clean that it shone like it had been planed. And when used in white oak (a difficult ring-porous wood for fine saws) the saws excelled. They both severed the surface fibers cleanly with no tearing whatsoever. So sometimes you do get more than what you pay for.” In his May 11, 2009 Lost Art Press Blog Mr. Schwartz wrote,
“All I know is that they can take away my Zona Razor Saw from my cold, dead hands. Or they can take it when it’s kinked – whichever comes first.”

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Hand Tools and Hobby Tools

Hand tools are a great addition to any tool box. The tools from Zona tools are made from high quality materials that make any woodcutting or hobby much easier. If you are a jeweler, our hobby tools are ideal for cutting small and precise pieces. Our small saws will be able to cut through soft metals, wood and plastics, giving you the perfect cut for your jewelry or hobby kit.

Hobby tools are great for cutting small plastic parts and making tiny cuts into a hobby kit. If you are assembling a model plane, for example, our razor saws have the perfect sharp edge to get the job done. Many other saws are too big for projects like these. Some saws are small enough but don’t have as many teeth and therefore, are not sharp enough. The saws from Zona Tools have many small teeth on the blade to make a sharp cut without having to make multiple cuts with a traditional saw.

Zona Hand Tools

Make your creative ideas come to live with Zona Tools blades and accessories. The amount that you can create is unlimited, and with great tools – your projects can be extraordinary! The jewelers saw has a comfortable handle and an adjustable frame to get as close as you need to for accurate sawing. Our other hand tools such as the hand saws and blades are perfect for woodworking and model building. These are also ideal for diy projects because they have sharp blades with wooden handles, which can give smooth edges to any material. They are perfect for cutting wood, metal and plastic. If you run out of blades, we also sell quality replacement blades for saw sets. These are perfect for gifts, or to have in bulk. They make ideal presents for anyone in the family. They are useful for many household projects and come in handy to have in your toolbox.

So if you would like the perfect multi-tasking tools that last forever, contact Zona Tools today! Your satisfaction is Zona Tool’s top priority, and they are always there for their customers. You can buy quality saws, blades and hobby tools and hand tools for any project that you are working on. They are ideal for hobbyists, jewelers and woodworkers.

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Finding the Perfect Hobby or Small Hand Tools

For great hobby tools, they are often difficult to find in traditional home improvement stores like Lowes. Finding a smaller hobby tool store will often give you better options, since they mainly specialize in just tools. Here at Zona Tools, we know all things about tools – from hobby tools to small hand tools.

37-434 L-square Ruler 3" x 4"We have a big selection of hobby knives and accessories, that are perfect to get any DIY project done. From wood carvings to jewelry making, it’s the perfect selection of knives to make a job quicker with more accurate cuts. Our hobby tools include:

Tweezers and Pliers

We also have a large set of small hand tools. These hand tools are ideal for woodworking for the experienced or the beginner. Our basic tools are designed to cater to many skill levels and well as different hobbies. Some of the small hand tools that we offer are:

So, if you would like a portable- sized hobby tool that is lightweight, yet versatile – then contact Zona Tools today. We provide the quality tools that allow you to get the job done right the first time. After years of being in the hobby tool business, we know which tools are the best to complete the job!

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Shape Almost Any Material with Zona® Diamond Needle Files

Flat Shape Diamond Needle File SetFine Point Diamond Needle File Set
Zona Diamond Needle Files provide aggressive, precise shaping for any hobby on glass, metal, ceramics, marble, wood, plastics, stone, bone, polymer clay etc. Each set has 5 files.
• Zona’s Flat Shape Diamond File Set 37-354 has these profiles: Triangle Taper, Flat Taper, Flat, Knife Taper, and Oval Taper in a sturdy reusable plastic case.
• Fine Point Diamond File Set 37-352 has smaller shapes: Round Taper, Triangle Taper, Square Taper, Larger Round Taper, and 1/2 Round Taper also in a sturdy reusable plastic case.
Diamond Files are made by electroplating diamond on to steel blanks. They cut in all directions, on both push and pull stroke, and with sawing, twisting or circular motion which is an advantage over steel files which only cut in one direction.
Not only do these files shape and finish, they can also enlarge holes in beads, file edges of ceramic or porcelain, work on inside edges of miniature or intricate projects, smooth the ends of wires or scratches and marks, puncture or engrave many materials, sharpen small tools and objects, bevel glass edges, shape mosaic tiles, and remove excess solder.
Hobbyists, craftspeople, tinkerers and artisans including miniature makers, model builders, jewelry and polymer clay artists, luthiers and other musical instrument makers will find these very useful.
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Use Of Precision Woodworking And Hobby Tools

If you are looking for tools that make DIY projects and construction work easier, then the quality tools at Zona Tools are just what you need! With tools that can make precision cuts in all types of materials including wood, metal and plastic, Zona has the tools you need to complete your tool box.

Zona Tools’ line of twist drills, with their chiseled edge and high thrust force, are powerful enough to be used on just about any material. The chiseled edge will go right through metal with ease, making drilling a simple and quick process. Our line of twist drills are the perfect tool for woodworking hobbies or getting a project around the house done.

Twist-drillsOur line of coping saws, with their extremely sharp and fine teeth are great for cutting most materials, but especially useful in woodworking projects. It’s ideal for making cut-outs in woodworking and carpentry work. A coping saw is different from a hacking saw since a coping saw will make a cut on a pull stroke, while the hacking saw has teeth which point away from the handle and will only make cuts during a push stroke. You can make a slight curve with a coping saw by turning the handle, giving you more options than making simple straight cuts.
The woodworking saws and drill are ideal whether you are a hobbyist, woodworker, or DIY project enthusiast. There’s no minimum level of skill needed to operate these tools. They are straightforward, easy to understand and operate and experience and practice will increase your skill and ability. Each of our tools are made using only the highest quality materials to make sure you get a smooth cut every time. Order your twist drills or coping saws today and you’ll get reliable tools that will last you years.

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What is a Miter Box?

A miter box has two parts to it; a hand saw with small teeth and a box with slots to make accurate cuts. Miter boxes allow woodworkers to easily make angled cuts, usually at 45 or 90 degrees. Miter boxes are especially great for those who prefer to do things by hand instead of using power tools. They are also less expensive than power tools, which is why many prefer to use a miter box and saw. Many miter boxes are made of wood. Zona’s miter boxes are made of aluminum or plastic. The models range in price and quality from a standard wide slot with 2 different angles to much finer slots for more accurate cutting and for use with very fine kerf saws that allow for highly accurate 90, 60 and 45 degree angle cuts.


Some of Our Miter Boxes Include:


Miter-boxesHow is it Used?

A miter box is used for more fine, delicate woodworking. It is best used to cut small or decorative pieces. Once you are ready to cut a material, you can clamp the miter box to a stable surface, or secure it through nut and bolt. Then, measure your cut length on your material with a triangle or carpenter’s square, making sure to measure the long end. Next, place the material and use the clamps to secure it in place. You can choose which angle to cut your material. Finally, place the saw through one of the grooves one the miter saw and make light cuts until you get your desired outcome.

For woodworkers and hobbyists the miter box is a critical tool to have to ensure your angled cuts are accurate and consistent! You do not have to invest in expensive power tools, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, it makes delicate and accurate cuts, especially useful for intricate designs. If you are interested in purchasing a miter box, check out our full line of miter boxes and razor saws today!

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Uses for Razor and Coping Saws

Whether you are a craftsman, woodworker, or simply working on a DIY project – you need the right tools to get the job done. Our razor and coping saws have the quality to help you create a project that looks as if it was done by a professional. For fine, precise cuts every time, the saws and blades from Zona Tools will always surpass your standards.

Our razor saws are  100 percent made in the USA. They are produced in our Connecticut facility and are priced at a bargain considering the quality saw that you get. With a selection of 14 razor saws, our collection can be used for a variety of projects. For jewelers, the tiny and straight cuts that you can make with a razor saw are perfect for making small, precise cuts in wax used in casting. For hobbyists, you can use them on models – such as airplanes or cars. The small teeth on our razor saws are unlike any other saw on the market. They are a tool that should be in every tool box, with their straight and accurate cuts.

The coping saw is another tool that is very useful for projects that are more on the delicate 35-670 Zona Coping Sawside. They are flexible and strong, but will make finer cuts in wood, wallboard, plastic and light metal. Coping saws are used primarily to make curved cuts on thin materials. The blades which range from metal cutting (32 teeth per inch) and  extra fine (24 teeth per inch) to coarse (10 teeth per inch) are made from the finest hardened and tempered spring or high carbon steel with precision punched or milled teeth for accurate sawing, smooth finishes and longer life,  are made in Connecticut. They are a reasonably priced and useful tool to have in your toolbox. Some of the uses of coping saws include: precise sawing of wood, plastic, copper and other soft metals, cutting curves in metal, tile and other strong materials, making decorative carpentry designs, shaping wood, etc.

So, if you are interested in having delicate saws that make sharp, accurate cuts every time, then contact Zona Tools today! For years, everyone from contractors to hobbyists have been satisfied with the professional results from the coping saw and the razor saw. And at a great price you can afford to get multiple tools to complete your collection!

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History of Small Hand Tools

Zona Tools and Blackstone Industries manufacture the highest quality brands of hand tools like razor saws, hack saws and more. We thought it would be interesting to look at a history of hand tools in America, and we hope you enjoy the read!

Logging Axes

There were two main axes used in woodworking back in the 1800s. The two were called single bitted or double bitted. The first axe would cut through any bark, and the second axe would be used to cut down a tree. According to, these axes were used by pioneers to cut through crops and build homes. Many of the axes had one side for cutting and another blunt side with a flat hammer.


Photo Credit :
Photo Credit :









Misery Whips

These were the new tool in the 1800’s used to cut down trees. They were called misery whips due to the past frustration of using a saw. Misery whips were able to stay sharp, and can be a one-man saw or a two-man saw. These were used for cutting down trees, especially large trees.


Photo Credit : People of Our Everyday Life
Photo Credit : People of Our Everyday Life








Compass Saw


This Dutch-shaped saw was made of wood and brass. The ones that came out in later years were not made of such high quality, and were made from steel and cheaper materials. The shape of this handle was not able to be achieved again due to the mass production in factories.

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Bench Planes

This plane was able to cut precise edges on wooden boards. This was one of the basic bench tools of the 19th century. According to, these are one of the most sought after vintage tools.


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Photo Credit:









The anvil is a solid block of iron or steel that is used for working with metals, from shoeing horses to jewelsmithing. The metal can be shaped with heat and then hammered to get the desired shape.


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Photo Credit:







The Circular Saw

From the 18th century, one of the newer tools was the circular saw. With accurate and sharp cuts, the saw was the official tool for getting a job done in minimum time. With a comfortable handle, and a thin blade with teeth, its able to cut through many materials with ease.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:








The Wrench

The appearance of tools has changed drastically with the invention of the wrench. From gripping objects to fastening knobs and bolts, the wrench was the new useful tool of the 20th century.


Photo Credit:
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The Chainsaw
Finally, a tool with electric power behind it was the chainsaw. This was a portable saw that was able to cut through trees and other tough materials. With spinning teeth, the chainsaw soon became a staple to every craftsman and household.

Photo Credit: Factory20







The Screw

The Phillips screw made its first debut for the 1936 Cadillac. Invented by Henry F. Phillips, these screws were forced in by a drill. They quickly became popular for everyday things from hanging paintings to drilling pieces of wood together.

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